Getting started

Welcome to the Maritime Wellbeing website!

This website and the Maritime Wellbeing application are freely available for all to download and use.  The application can be downloaded from your application store using these links:

Apple app store

Google Play Store

App notes:

  • The app is best viewed on a tablet;
  • On a mobile phone, app is best viewed in landscape mode;
  • Updates are manual so that users can chose to download using Wi-Fi rather than consuming personal data;
  • The content can be updated by clicking on the small white “Update Content” icon at the top of the home page.

How to use the Maritime Wellbeing programmes

The programme materials contained within this website have been designed so that they can be used immediately with little or no additional work.  They are also available for companies to adapt, to complement their existing programmes.

The programmes are spilt in two types:

Guidance for ship managers to develop more formalised, company-managed structures in support of crew wellbeing.

Short, easy to deliver information and activities for use onboard a vessel or during seafarer engagements such as office visits and conferences.  These can be delivered as facilitated discussions, as part of providing general information to crews or by individual crew members as part of their self development; 

For best success, ship managers would ideally undertake a situational analysis and review the wellbeing implementation plan prior to rolling out the shipboard programmes.