1.2 Quick Quiz

Why is nutrition important?

1.2  Quick Quiz

How much do you know already about the importance of nutrition!? 

⇒  Complete the quick quiz below, to see how much you already know.

  1. True or false:
    To eat healthily you should never eat bread or cake again, and only eat green vegetables?
  2. True or false:
    Eating well can help us manage our emotions?
  3. Which of the following are proteins?
    a. nuts & seeds
    b. eggs
    c. lentils & beans
    d. mangoes
    e. yoghurt
  4. How do you know roughly how much of each food type to eat?
    a. I just know!
    b. by measuring the weight of each ingredient
    c. by using a simple guide like your hand
  5. Which of the following are mainly carbohydrates?
    a. rice
    b. pasta
    c. wholemeal bread
    d. citrus fruit
  6. True or false:
    Before going on watchi is it best to eat a big meal, so you are not hungry whilst at work?
  7. True or false:
    Regularly getting a good night's rest helps you eat more healthily?
  8. Approximately how much water do you think you should drink each day?
    a. a small glass with each meal
    b. none, I prefer fizzy drinks
    c. 1.5 litres, maybe more if it's hot
  9. Which of the follwoing statements about eating and exercise are true?
    a. don't eat anything in the hour before exercise because you may get a stomach ache
    b. you should eat a big meal 2 hours before exercise, so you don't run out of energy
    c. anyone doing exercise needs to have special sports nutrition
    d. hydration is not important whilst you are exercising, only that you are working hard!
    e. none of the above
  10. True or false:
    Choosing the right foods and regularly eating well can help us think clearly and be more alert?

Answers to this quiz will be covered in the different sections of this programme, see if you can spot them!
(they can also be found on page 25 of the participant handbook)